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Léa Peckre Ana Top

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Aujourd’hui EA va faire quelque chose d’inhabituel: ils vont ressortir tous les items de la maj, pour vous offrir une seconde chance d’acquérir un objet la cual vous auriez loupé dans una boutique premium. Seasons. (This pertains to the Northern Hemisphere) Surely really self-evident common sense that winter could be the DARKEST quarter of the year, plus summer is the LIGHTEST quarter from the year. This has nothing to do with weather conditions. So winter last from earlier November to early February plus summer starts in early May plus ends in early August. These are approximately equivalent to the Celtic festivals associated with Samhain, Imbolc, Beltaine and Lughnasadh.

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I bought 2 of these, one for each puppy. I read the reviews before buying and carefully measured the puppies. I almost tried to guess depending on some comments, but I’m happy I took the extra time to determine. They’re both about 12 in . at the neck and 24 in the chest, so I Léa Peckre Ana Top went with a 4x. I have a Basset hound and a Coonhound so very different in height, but the 4x fit both of them perfectly! Pay attention to the reviews and measure your pup and go a size upward if the measurement is close. Top quality, very much like you would expect when buying a hoodie for yourself. It has a nice stretch out so even getting it over the lengthy legs of my Coonhound had been easy. These are also half the cost of hoodies/sweaters in store, so if measured correct, this is an excellent purchase. I will probably purchase these again after the women wear down the current ones.

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Léa Peckre Ana Top
Léa Peckre Ana Top

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